Presentation Title: Oracle Standard Edition Roundtable
Speaker: Mr Joel Goodman OakTable OCM
Company: Oracle
Co-presenter: Ann Sjokvist - SE- JUST LOVE IT
Presentation abstract: Roundtable on the features, restrictions, best practices, solutions and workarounds and latest developments for developers and administrators running Oracle Standard Edition.
Presentation begins: 07/12/2015 17:30
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All Experience Levels
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography:  Joel Goodman has been in the computing industry for 39 years after obtaining his degree in Computer Information Sciences. He has 21 years experience with Oracle DBA technology in support, consulting and training. He is the OU Global Team Leader for DBA Certification Exam Development responsible for DBA OCA, OCP, OCE and OCM exam content. Joel also assists the product curriculum development team in courseware development and speaks on a variety of advanced DBA topics at numerous conferences. Joel is a member of the Oak Table and a Certified Master DBA.
Related topics: Database: Licensing, Database: Management and Administration, Database: Oracle Standard Edition, Database: Performance & Internals
Hall: Area Above the Box Office