Presentation Title: Oracle BI Cloud Service - Moving Your Complete BI Platform to the Cloud
Speaker: Mr Mark Rittman Oracle ACE Director PYA Winner
Company: Rittman Mead
Presentation abstract: Oracle BI Cloud Service has now been enhanced to include Visual Analyzer, an analysis tool for rapidly visualizing BI datasets, the ability to connect to Oracle Database-as-a-Service, and new options to upload RPDs and datasets from on-premise installations. In this session, we'll see how it's now possible to create complete BI applications in Oracle's cloud environment, migrate existing BI platforms and start to benefit from the TCO, manageability and scalability benefits of running BI in the cloud. We'll also discuss connectors to Oracle's cloud-based applications, and how you can create hybrid on-premise/cloud BI platforms for capacity "burst-out" and more agile development processes.
Presentation begins: 08/12/2015 11:10
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 3 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Beginner/Exploratory
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: Mark Rittman is an Oracle ACE Director, CTO and co-founder of Rittman Mead, and has worked with Oracle BI+DW technology for 15+ years. Mark writes regularly for Oracle Magazine and wrote the Oracle Press Book "Oracle Business Intelligence Developers Guide"
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Hall: Hall 8A